ClearCare Center
Providing clarity one test at a time!

The evolution of water analysis becomes perfectly clear with ClearCareTM Expert software, an Arch Dealer exclusive. Thanks to its superior testing capabilities, ClearCare Expert's cutting edge software allows you to offer your customers improved water analysis results and then convert that information into solid business growth and profit in your store. With an easy and intuitive program to work with, you'll be able to take full advantage of ClearCare Expert's cutting edge water analysis technology featuring full brand support and shopping list generation.

Take full advantage of its many utilities as well with Customer Management, Equipment and Document Managers, a Conversion Calculator, a seamless Data Import feature and Report Generator and a Backup/Restore option for extra security. And for those of you already using the Evosus® Business Management Software, you'll be happy to know we chose Evosus as our partner to open the door for total POS integration with your system. All designed to help you increase sales, reduce costs, create strategic business decisions, gain a competitive advantage and offer superior customer service.

In your store, the water-testing lab comes to life with the ClearCareTM Center, your hub for "providing clarity one test at a time." Fully equipped, the center includes a handy Colorimeter with USB connectivity, UDVs, pipette and everything you need to quickly and efficiently test your customers' water. The moment they walk in your store, they'll know—the ClearCare Center is the first place they go to check in for results, expert advice and product recommendations needed to achieve the clear sparkling blue water they expect.