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Imagine having access to a central online information hub through a single point of entry. Well, you can stop imagining—it's called the ClearLinkTM Resource Center and as an Arch Dealer, you have complete and total access to everything it contains 24/7, 365 days a year. Log on to this one-stop online portal whenever you desire to take full advantage of everything from Online Training modules featuring a wide spectrum of educational offerings via the ClearLink University to a Dealer Chat component that allows you to stay connected with fellow Dealers across the country to compare business notes and insights.

What's more, you’ll find a full portfolio of Marketing Materials including product literature, logos, brochures and ads, not to mention direct access to Co-op Advertising materials to support of all your local advertising across every medium. Add in the wealth of storage, handling and code compliance information available via the Responsible Care feature (where you'll also find MSDS materials, safety tips and more) and you’ll have a pretty clear idea of how the ClearLink Resource Center is set to become your most valuable asset.